• type2

      8.5 Gallon

      $1582 / Type 2 Tank  (16" X 40")
    • type2

      13 Gallon

      $2002 / Type 2 Tank  (16" X 59")
    • type3

      15 Gallon

      $3270 / Type 4 Tank  (21" X 45")
    • type4

      24.5 Gallon

      $3695 / Type 4 Tank  (21" X 60")
  • 14Tundra

    2014 Toyota Tundra

    24.5 Gallon Type 4 CNG Tank / Estimated Fuel Mileage Increase: 18%

    Not only is this truck environmentally friendly, it saves its owner thousands of dollars a year in operating costs. read more.


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CNG of OKC is nationally recognized as a front-runner for superior conversion opportunities, using state-of-the-art technology on all types of vehicles while offering conversion prices well below the national average.  As the most economical and environmentally friendly fuel available today, Compressed Natural Gas is the answer to America's energy crisis.

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Cut Fuel Cost Up To 70%

Using state of the art technology, we convert consumer and commercial vehicles, gasoline or diesel, to run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).  Our hybrid bi-fuel and dual-fuel CNG conversions offer a cleaner, environmentally friendly solution for your vehicle(s), while saving up to 70% each time your refuel your vehicle.

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