Scheduling A CNG Conversion

Congratulations on your decision to convert your vehicle to CNG! You are joining an elite group of people who have chosen to reduce their dependency on foreign oil, while decreasing their fuel cost by up to 70%.
Below is a step by step process, to help you make the most of your CNG conversion.

1.  Call our office at 405.551.8200 to arrange a day that you can bring your vehicle to our shop (Depending on your vehicle, it usually takes 2-3 days for our technicians to complete the installation).

  • Give our shop the complete details of your vehicle (year/make/model/mileage/engine size)
  • Make selection of which tank size you'd like in your vehicle
  • Choose conversion date that works best for you.
  • If needed, we can assist you in getting a discounted rental vehicle


  • Fill up your gasoline tank with 100% gasoline.
  • Clean out the bed/trunk of your vehicle of any loose items.
  • Wash exterior (including undercarriage if dirty) of vehicle.
  • Gently wash engine compartment (if dirty).
  • If your vehicle has over 75,000 miles on it, we recommend a tune-up (check spark plugs & wires, coolant flush, oil & air filter change, etc.). *We can do the tune-up for you at a reasonable price. Please add an addtional day to the conversion time.

3.  The day of conversion, have your vehicle to our shop at 8am (unless other arrangements have been made).

  • Start CNG paperwork at our office
  • Confirm CNG tank size
  • Confirm CNG fill nozzle location
  • Choose dashboard location for CNG fuel gauge & switch

4.  Sit back and relax until we call you, to let you know, that you are the proud owners of America's newest CNG vehicle.

5.  When you pick-up your vehicle

  • Finish CNG paperwork for your warranty (2 years) and tax credit information.
  • Complete CNG system walk thru (we explain how everything works).
  • Full payment due.



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