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Will A CNG Conversion Void My Warranty?

There's a reason this is #1 on our FAQs page; we get this question all the time. Many dealerships/salemen and shops like to tell/intimidate people that CNG conversions will void your warranty. This is a bold and broad statement, since performing warranty work on a blown headlight has absolutely nothing to do with the aftermarket installation of a bi-fuel CNG system.
Here are the facts: Drivers are protected by something called the "Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975". This says a manufacturer cannot void the warranty just because of your aftermarket parts. If your transmission fails under warranty and you have a CNG conversion, then your transmission is still under warranty. This act goes on to clarify that the burden of proof is with the manufacturer or dealer if there is any argument over what caused the failure. Example: Your engine throws a rod under warranty and you have a bi-fuel CNG conversion kit. Well, if the CNG system was not properly installed by a licensed installer, then maybe the dealer has a legitimate argument... however the burden is on the dealer to PROVE that the CNG kit (whether installed properly or not) was the direct cause of the engine failure.
The reality is that when properly installed by our trained technicians your sequential CNG conversion will not void your warranty. Even an extensive search on the internet will not find any legitimate cases where a CNG car conversion has resulted in engine failure or warranty issues. Lots of people like to talk about it, but the fact is CNG conversions are widely accepted around the world as aftermarket parts and modifications. As long as you have a professional and qualified installer then you will be all good.
Get warranty help straight from the government.

Can You Convert My Vehicle To CNG?

With our HYBRID conversion technology almost any 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 cylinder gasoline vehicle, domestic or foreign, car, van, SUV, or truck can be successfully equipped for the operation of HYBRID BI-FUEL (CNG or gasoline) regardless of mileage. SUGGESTION:  Don’t settle for a vehicle you don’t care for. The conversion can be done on the vehicle you prefer to drive and the benefits and cost savings will be the same. A list of our most popular conversions can be found HERE.

What Are Some Advantages Of Converting My Vehicle To CNG?

In Oklahoma, CNG is less than ½ the cost of gasoline, result is saving 50-70% of the current gasoline budget, using our own natural resources and minimizing dependency on foreign oil, and at the same time helping the environment by burning CNG that is fourteen times cleaner than gasoline. Maintenance and oil changes are also extended 4-5 times due to the cleaner operation.

Can The CNG System Be Removed/Transferred To Another Vehicle?

Yes, our system can be removed at any time without affecting the gasoline system. Usually the only time this might be done is when the vehicle owner wants to sell the vehicle and feels he/she could not recover the conversion cost with the sale or in cases where the owner would like to reinstall the system on any new vehicle. Our conversion is a totally standalone system, meaning it is separate and does not use nor require any portion of the original vehicle components.  We utilize a fully programmable ECM (onboard computer) and this technology allows programming for any 4, 6, 8 or 10 cylinder engine.

Will Using CNG Be Harmful To My Engine?

No, the opposite is the case. The usage of CNG can extend the life of the engine. This is due to the clean combustion of CNG and the fact that no carbon is generated during combustion. The engine components and oil are not subject to the contamination produced by using gasoline or diesel as fuel.

Are There Vehicles Than Cannot Be Converted To CNG?

Yes, there are a small number of vehicles that cannot currently be converted to CNG.  The list below is NOT all inclusive; we add to the list as we discover non-CNG compatible vehicles.

- Ford EcoBoost vehicles

- Chevy EcoTec vehicles (2014-present)

- Chevy/GMC Direct Injection Engines

The list of vehicles that can be converted to CNG far out weigh the number of vehicles that cannot be converted.  See a list of our most popular conversions HERE.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of The CNG Components?

With our conversion system properly installed by one of our certified installers and properly maintained, it should outlast most vehicles. The tanks however do have a 20 year life span.

How Much Is It To Fill Up My CNG Tank?

CNG is almost always significantly cheaper than gasoline.  If you look at our CNG station map, you will find that prices can range from as little as $1 per gallon to about $1.49 per gallon. This is much cheaper than the price of gasoline!

What Does CNG Stand For?

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It is an alternative way to power most types of vehicles, instead of gasoline. Because of large reserves of natural gas that are present in the United States, the popularity of CNG vehicles is growing quickly since the cost is low, and the source of the fuel is not subject to politics elsewhere in the world.

Will My Vehicle Experience Any Negative Effects?

Not if the installation is completed, inspected and maintained by our certified installers and inspectors; there is no need for concern.  Our system manufacturer has been in business for more than 65 years in 17 countries with conversions of thousands of vehicles.  The CNG system is specifically designed for US vehicles.

Can I Switch Back To Gasoline While I Am Driving?

Yes, with our conversion you have an LED fuel gauge, with a touch on – touch off switch conveniently located on the instrument panel. This can be done at any time during operation; however most times it is not used. The reason being, all CNG-gasoline switching is done automatically and seamlessly by the CNG computer. All the driver has to do is drive and enjoy the savings. Your vehicle can switch from CNG to gasoline while driving 70 mph and you will never know unless you see the gauge light change colors.

Do You Have To Remove My Vehicle's Gasoline Tank?

No, the CNG system uses its own storage tank, usually mounted in the cargo area or underneath the vehicle, depending on available space and driver-owner preference.

Will Mileage Or Performance Be Affected?

Natural Gas is rated at 130 octane and gasoline is rated at 85-90 octane. With our conversion technology allowing precise distribution giving each cylinder the same amount of energy in Natural Gas as gasoline, the performance will remain the same at 5% (+/-). Most drivers can expect up to a 20% increase in fuel mileage with the higher quality CNG providing more saving.

Can I Fill My CNG Vehicle At Home?

Yes. Homeowners with an existing natural gas supply line may be able to purchase a home refueling system designed to fill their vehicle. Gas from the same supply line that feeds your house is compressed and pumped into your vehicle.  Most pumps have automatic shutoff, so you do not have to stay with your vehicle while it is fueling.  Simply connect the nozzel to your vehicle, start it, and walk away.  As CNG is becoming more popular in the US, more options for home fueling are becoming available.  Contact us for more information.


Yes, CNG is stored in a cylinder comprised of steel and or very strong polymers, in fact they are literally bullet proof, and are mounted to with stand an 80 mph crash and 8G force in all directions. Gasoline tanks are formed out of a very thin sheet metal and are much more subject to leaks. Natural Gas is lighter than air and rises if a leak occurs; gasoline however pools on the ground and is more subject to ignition. Most all home and business heating and cooking appliances utilize Natural Gas because of safety, dependability and cost effectiveness. Natural Gas is the safest, cheapest, cleanest burning and most abundant fuel available in the market today. In some countries over 50% of vehicles use Natural Gas as transportation fuel and have dramatically reduced their dependency on foreign oil!


I Don't Live Near Oklahoma CIty, Can You Install At My Location Or Can I Just Buy The Components?

To have a vehicle converted to run on CNG, it needs to be brought to our shop in Oklahoma City.  If you have a fleet of vehicles, we do have a mobile installation team that can come to your location.  Pricing may vary, depending on location and vehicle quantity.  If you live away from OKC, we can arrange for you to get a discounted hotel & rental car rate while we convert your vehicle.  Depending on the vehicle, it usually takes 2-3 days for us to do a full install and test of the system.
WE CANNOT SELL CNG SYSTEMS OR COMPONENTS TO NON-LICENSED INDIVIDUALS.  If you are not a licensed & insured Alternative Fuel Technician, by law, we cannot sell you any CNG components.  It doesn't matter what state or country you live in.  In the state of Oklahoma, it is illegal for any idividual who is not licensed by the state to be in possession of a CNG system.  If a system is not installed by a licensed installer, your vehicle warranty can be voided and your vehicle impounded by the state.



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